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The Free Spirits Ensemble is the modern chamber music ensemble of the Raleigh Symphony Orchestra. We present the music of our time by searching for the accessible works of our hemisphere, so that you may discover and share in today’s treasures. Today’s composers move freely in our musical past, the engaging melodies of today’s pop, and the exciting sounds and rhythms of world music, to express their view of the world.


2019-2020 Season:

Location for performances:

Ruggero Piano

4720 Hargrove Street

Raleigh NC 27616





This program will explore Latin music from different points of view including American composer Adrienne Albert’s Ode to Piazzolla and Cuban Stories; John Williams’s interpretation of Por Una Cabeza by the famous Argentine composer, Carlos Gardel; two trios by Astor Piazzolla; and Pacific Serenade, inspired by an evening on the West Coast by Miguel del Aguila from Uruguay. Teresa Fernandez will round out the program with a selection of Latin songs.

Por Una Cabeza   for Violin & Piano

Carlos Gardel/John Williams (arranger)

Ode to Piazzolla   for Violin, Cello & Piano

Adrienne Albert

Invierno Porteno   for Violin, Cello & Piano

Astor Piazzolla

Primavera Portena   for Violin, Cello & Piano

Astor Piazzolla

Pacific Serenade   for Clarinet & Piano

Miguel del Aguila 

Latin Songs

Teresa Fernandez (vocalist)

Cuban Stories   for Flute, Cello, Violin & Piano

Adrienne Albert        


Saturday FEBRUARY 15 2020


In this concert, we will reveal some of the stories and ideas that inspired the creation of the music. What is the music in the bottle? Who is dancing by the sea? What happens in the Nightdreams?

Winter Jasmine   for Flute & Piano

Gary Schocker

Orange Dawn   for Flute & Piano

Ian Clarke

Music in a Bottle   for Piano

Miguel del Aguila

Windswept   for Clarinet & Piano

Adrienne Albert

Sea Dances   for Clarinet, Cello & Piano

Lanette Lind

Between the Dark and Daylight   for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello & Piano

1. Nightdreams  2. Lullaby  3. Daydreams

Adrienne Albert


SATURDAY April 4 2020

7:30 pm 

In this concert, Brent Smith takes us on a tour of Southern Cities while Armenian/American composer Edward Manukyan shares his memories of a night in Phoenix. Adrienne Albert journeys through her muses while delighting the listener with rhythms from South American countries and Chinese tonality.

Impressions of Southern Cities for Clarinet Quartet, Violin & Piano

1. The Sights of St Augustine 2. The Sounds of New Orleans 3. The Squares of Raleigh  4. A Stroll Through Savannah

Brent Smith

Double Helix   for Cello & Piano

Edward Manukyan

A Night in Phoenix   for Violin & Piano

Edward Manukyan

Musescapes   for Violin, Cello and Piano

1. Gee Whiz  2. For My Mother 3. Ode to Piazzolla

Adrienne Albert